Land of a Billion – S.2 Ep. 3: The Model Tenancy Act: What Does It Mean for India’s Rental Housing Market?

The Model Tenancy Act: What Does It Mean for India’s Rental Housing Market?

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In this episode, we speak with Gautam Chatterjee, former Chairperson of MahaRERA, the Real Estate Regulatory Authority of Maharashtra, and Sahil Gandhi, an urban and real estate economist associated with the Centre for Social and Economic Progress and a lecturer at the University of Manchester. We discuss the Model Tenancy Act, what it means for the housing market and common man, and its implementations by states.

With the motive of opening up the rental housing markets in India, the Union government passed the Model Tenancy Act, 2021. The MTA aims to provide a framework for transparency in renting property, minimising litigations and disputes between tenants and landlords by laying a clear set of clauses. The act also proposes to set up rent courts and tribunals to solve conflicts in the rental housing market.

We also discuss the study on ‘India’s housing vacancy paradox: how rent control and weak contract enforcement produce unoccupied units and a housing shortage at the same time’, co-authored by Sahil Gandhi, Richard K Green & Shaonlee Patranabis from the Centre for Social and Economic Progress.

Catch the following questions asked by our host at respective timestamps:
03.40: What do you think are the factors contributing to this? And what effects does high vacancy have on the housing market in Indian cities?
06.22: What are your views on the model Tenancy Act? And do you think they can solve the problems of a city like Bombay?
23.30: How does this play into the preferences of homeowners and how do you think the model tenancy law intersects with that?
25.58: How would you go about building capacity for implementation of the model tenancy law?
33.20: If you had to pick one core challenge that India needs to focus on to secure land rights for a billion, what would that be? 

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