Land of a Billion S.2 Ep. 10: How Climate Change Can be Fought With Secure Property Rights

How Climate Change Can be Fought With Secure Property Rights

In our final episode of Season 2, we talk about the connection between property, land rights, and climate change.

Over the last few years, leaders of several countries across the world have realised the organic link between land, property rights, and climate change. Some of them have even started implementing innovative models and programmes around this.

In our final episode of Season 2, we speak with Rachel McMonagle, climate justice and land rights advocate working with Landesa and Krutika Ravishankar – the co-founder of Farmers for Forests, to understand the connection between property, land rights, and climate change. We talk about various climate adaptation strategies with relation to land rights and also analyse the Glasgow Declaration and its outcomes.

Catch the following segments at respective timestamps:

– 02.41: Voices of three farmers from Maharashtra on Climate Change’s affect on their livelihood
– 06.00: Why do we care about property rights and land rights in the context of climate change? How can it be used as a climate change adaptation strategy, especially in emerging economies?
– 9.26: What about the existing situation, which is that we are already probably in the midst of climate change, period? And how do we use land tenure?
– 13.15: What models have you seen around the world where people are actually paid to not DeForest?
– 18.26: Do you think localized interventions are better than global interventions?
– 22.15: COP 26 conference just happened recently, will it have a positive impact on how countries look at land resource management?
– 24.21: What have you seen amongst policymakers? Do they really see the connection between land rights, land use and climate change?
– 28.30: If you had to pick one problem that you would put your weight behind to secure land rights for a billion plus population? What would that cause?


We also bring the voices of three farmers from Maharashtra to understand how climate change affects their livelihoods and what are some innovative ways in which they are tackling climate change.

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