Land of a Billion- Ep 4: How Can Technology Solve Issues of Land & Property in India?

The anxiety that comes with buying a plot of land or a house, is one that a majority of Indians are familiar with.


Am I being quoted a fair price for this property? Is this seller or builder a genuine party? Am I going to be the next victim of fraud in the property market? At an administrative level, these concerns are further magnified. With a population of more than 1.2 billion, spread over 600,000 villages and thousands of cities and towns in India, one can imagine the kind of serious challenges that the government grapples with when it comes to property regulation.

In this episode of the ‘Land of a Billion’ podcast, host Abhishek Shah speaks to the founders of two startups in the property rights space – Kshitij Batra, founder of Terra Economics and Analytics Labs and Ashwani Rawat is the co-founder at Transerve Technologies – who have been exploring how technology can help address some of these pressing property rights related problems.

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